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We are a small group of friends brought together by the joy of gaming. As individuals we’ve played everything you can think of both on the screen and on the table, and now we hope to bring that joy to your table. Our company, Silverspire Games, is a small business in the heart of beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

We started initially with the intent of creating board games for our own enjoyment, until we realized we’d struck gold with Blank Me. It’s the kind of game that never seems to lose its appeal, playthrough after playthrough, and even if you play as much as we have and manage to get a sense of the game’s 120 monologues, you can play the other game-mode that rewards you for your knowledge of the monologues!

Blank Me successfully crowdfunded in May of 2023, and here we are more than a year later with the product shipped out to our backers’ front doors! We plan on pushing hard over the next year to get the word out. Make sure you share your favourite monologue results with us on our social media pages!





Crane is the designer behind Rejig. He wrote most of the monologues and responses, and therefore deserves most of the hate-mail.

And sure, while it may be true that he’s kind of old, balding, insecure, and a little slow, he’s part of this company and he’s going to give it his best shot.

Jeff Corrie



Jeff is our de-facto business guy, in addition to being incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about boardgame design. His own boardgame baby is an incredibly fun, semi-cooperative, worker-placement game set in a science-fiction universe that’s on the horizon for publishing.

He’s also one sassy motherfucker.

Chris Corrie


First the obligatory disclaimer due to this image: No, Chris is not a danger to anyone. He’s actually a really nice guy, hasn’t even been to prison. 

He hosts and edits our ongoing game development podcast, I Cast Record, while working on game designs and play-testing. He’s also a talented Fine Arts graduate, taking on much of the concept art for the company.



Game designer, war-table game enthusiast, loving husband and father, and the kind of guy who has a face you want to smooch while pinching his cheeks.

Kyle has been integral in setting up the website and much of the back-end. Currently, he’s taking on a secondary role while trying to keep sane during parenthood to 3 adorable little hellions. 

Special Thanks

Stacy Crane

Stacy is our unofficially official Lead Designer. A Fine Art’s grad with a keen eye for aesthetic, the Blank Me and Rejig designs are largely thanks to her efforts.

We also want to thank all of our loyal play-testers, which of course includes friends and family, but also every single person at every event who took the time to play a round with us. You’ve all helped make Blank Me the best party game in history. 


Silverspire Games is a Canadian tabletop game design and publishing company based out of British Columbia, formally established in 2022. Consisting of four members and a lot of keen-to-playtest friends, Silverspire Games aims to continue to release tabletop games via crowdfunding projects, after experiencing successes with their inaugural release, Blank Me. Check out Rejig, our next project, currently accepting early followers on our Gamefound page.