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Gamfound Update #1

It’s time for an update! Let’s go over where we’re at, what we’re up to, and what to expect next!
This update is the first one we’re sending through Gamefound, our pledge manager. We’ve been receiving late pledges through this platform, so if you know anybody who would love this game that missed out, you can point them to the Gamefound page here:
On to the important stuff:
1. Our status currently is that while we had a few delays from difficulties with our files working with the manufacturer’s printing equipment, and admittedly they were a headache to figure out, it was only a couple of weeks and our manufacturer has been awesome in getting our digital sample ready as quickly as possible. In fact, it arrived a couple of days ago, and we’re getting together tonight as a team to go over it with a fine-toothed comb. If the cards can hold up to me dragging my comb over them repeatedly, then we’ll hopefully be able to give the manufacturer the thumbs up. Also, we will be getting a bunch of people together to play the game thoroughly. We’ve been playing it constantly since its inception, but we added and tweaked a few responses and want to be 100% sure that everything word we include in the final game is something we’re happy with.
Here’s a picture of the shiny new box from our manufacturer–this is a digital sample, so printed digitally and not with the final printing equipment.
2. We’re going to a convention! Or two! We’re teaming up with our friendly local gaming store Orchard City Games to attend one or two local conferences where we’ll be showcasing Blank Me, hopefully securing some more late pledges, and getting our name out among the local table-top game enthusiasts. We’ll be at Penticon in Penticton BC on October 21-22, and possibly at another but that’s TBD.
Lastly, we are very optimistic about being on track with our original expectations of having the game in your hands by around February of 2024. That said, there could be 2 potential causes for delay.
The first would be if we go over our cards in the coming days and find the quality is not up to standard, whether that’s the paper, the printing, or some other aspect. If so, it could mean spending some more time with file optimization or other changes before we can give the manufacturer the okay.
The second would be shipping delays. There’s talk of COVID-19 hitting hard this winter, and we all remember the supply-chain and shipping delays that impacted all of us in recent years. While we will be at the mercy of the global shipping system, we will do everything we can to keep pushing Blank Me as quickly as we can without sacrificing quality.
If you have any particular questions or concerns, let us know!
And as always, thanks for your support, from all of us at Silverspire Games: That creepy girl from The Ringsome ho named Candacethe ghost who lives in my mind, and the rat king (I pulled these ‘beings’ at random from the game box–this is what you get to look forward to!)