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Update #2

Day 3 - A Few Changes

It’s day 3 now, and with 40% of the funding behind us, we expect to see a steady climb upward from here. 

We’re making some visual changes to our Kickstarter page, but we mostly wanted to announce the changes to our stretch goals! We decided that we want more cards, because we think that billions of potential monologue combinations to play with isn’t enough 🙂

Specifically, we’ll be adding additional cards to the base game at every $1,000 milestone we reach after our funding target is met, until we hit $15,000! To spice things up, we’re also letting you, the backers who are helping make our dreams come true, vote for the theme of the card additions!   

We’ve got 4 themes you’ll be able to choose from when the time comes: science-fiction, literature, at the office, and fantasy. So if you want to pretend you’re an alien and show off your Marvin the Martian impression, or pretend you’re a chivalrous knight, you’ll want to vote accordingly when the time comes!

We still have a ways to go to unlock the first stretch goal, so in the meantime the best way to help us reach those goals is to share us on your social media platform of choice! And tell your friends and family, too!