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Update #3

We wanted to send an update since we’re at the close of the first week. With two weeks to go, we’re already over 70% funded, so we’re well on our way to making this game a reality! We’d love to hit some stretch goals to add even more cards to the box, so we hope you’ll share the Kickstarter page on your favourite social media app!

It was a hectic week to say the least, but all in a good way because we’ve been able to play a lot of Blank Me with the local public. We’ve spent a couple of evenings at our friendly local gaming store Orchard City Games, just yesterday we went to Twice the Dice, a local board game café, and this coming Saturday we’ll be attending a charity event to help raise money for BC Children’s Hospital. But we’re not just playing this game, because there’s still some behind-the-scenes work to get done. Right now we’re working to make some final tweaks to the card designs:

  • We decided it’s best to number the cards, which is in part a way to keep track in case of future expansions, and partly so that if someone ever loses a card, the specific cards are easily identified and replaced. We’re testing some number placement options to make sure it’s visible but not intrusive.
  • We will be looking at a few tweaks to make reading the monologues and responses even easier, and are currently testing various iterations. Overall the appearance of the cards won’t change much from what we’ve been displaying.

And of course, we’re continuing to do our best to market the game across various social media channels to help get as many eyes on the campaign as possible.

Thanks everyone! Be sure to check out our socials below, and thank you for your continued support!