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Update #8

Status Update!

Hey everyone! Happy August!

It’s been a while since the last update, so we thought everyone would appreciate knowing what kind of progress we’re making, and also that we’re not spending your money on booze while lounging at a Honduran beach resort! That would be crazy, because this resort is an all-inclusive so the booze is totally free.

Status of the Game

We’re thrilled to tell you we’ve finalized everything to get a prototype made from our actual manufacturer. Previous Blank Me game components were produced elsewhere, so it’s important that we get a sample made to give us an opportunity to ensure it’s high quality, and make any final tweaks to the design after it arrives.  We’ve just sent our finalized files to the manufacturer, and as soon as our deposit clears their work can begin. It’s our hope that when the sample comes back, we’ll be able to have a quick turn-around to give them the okay to do the full run, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

In other good news, our ongoing play-testing has allowed us to continue to make improvements. The creativity of the whole team with some of these monologues and responses is astounding. It takes a special mind to dream up ideas like “butthole whack-a-mole”, but we’ve apparently got what it takes.

Pledge Manager?

This was originally something we wanted to get done sooner, but we prioritized getting things started with our manufacturer, and due to the different specifications, it was quite a bit of work getting our stuff to jive with their stuff. It’s all sorted now, so this is next on the agenda.

That’s all we have for now! We’ll be in touch again soon. Blank you very much.

The Crew at Silverspire Games.