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Introducing Animated Blank Me Monologues.

December is here and it’s high-time for an update.

Before we get to the animations, we mentioned in the last entry that we were going to soon be receiving our next prototype Blank Me game soon. We don’t yet have the box in our hands due to a couple of last-minute changes, but the game is currently on a flight to us. We’ll have more updates real soon. Until then, here’s a picture of our prototype game box, taken by the manufacturer for us.

Blank Me the Game - Prototype Box

For now, we wanted to showcase and discuss an ongoing project that we hope to make a part of the Blank Me universe, and potentially even the broader universe of Silverspire Games going forward: animated shorts.

Not literally animated shorts, but just short animated videos. With respect to Blank Me specifically, we’ve been making animations of monologues where we’ve filled in the blanks ourselves. The results are pretty damn funny given the game’s potential for outlandish “fill in the blank” responses. We’ve been posting them to our Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube accounts, and just recently our new TikTok account.

Going forward after the game’s Kickstarter release, these animations will become a great opportunity for us to engage in a really fun way with our player-base. It’s our hope that we’ll be able to make these animations using the monologue results players post on social media or send directly to us. We can’t wait to start seeing pictures of your game cards from your party game night, and then we’ll start turning some of the results into animations. Being able to do that would make us all painfully erect.

To create these animations, despite the parent company Silverspire Games having an in-house artist, we utilize AI-art generation tools. AI-art can be a controversial subject, but for the purpose of creating pretty good art in a short time, this tool has been a huge boon to us that allows us to create regular animations. Our goal is to keep these up with as much community involvement as we can when the time comes.

Also, the AI doesn’t talk back when I ask it to generate me ten variations of Steve Irwin falling in love with a grizzly bear. Whereas Chris? Chris talks back.

Check out the example video, like and subscribe to us on your preferred social media platform, and be sure not to miss any of these fun animations. In the future, maybe it’ll be a monologue from your own game night that we bring to life!