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November Chills

Holy shit-balls, we can’t believe it’s November! It’s cold all of the sudden and it feels like just yesterday we were beach-side sipping margaritas. Nah, just kidding, we don’t really go outside, which is why the Blank Me team has made significant progress over the last couple months. We went from early prototyping to testing a ‘pre-final’ prototype with complete game box, which as of this writing is currently being printed and should be shipped out next week.

What’s on the agenda then? Well, mostly we’re gearing up for a Kickstarter tentatively planned for May of 2023, which as you might imagine involves a lot of video and design work. But honestly, we’re all mostly excited to play the shit out of this game when the new cards arrive. We’ll be sure to post some updated video examples of gameplay to help our followers get a better idea of how the game is played, and just how awesome it is.

In the meantime, thank you for checking out the page. You can’t Blank Me just yet, but until we’re ready for you, we appreciate any follows and shares on our various social media accounts to help spread the word. And please, always do cocaine with the like button.