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Fulfillment happening!

We’re currently in the process of completing fulfillment for all of our amazing backers who got Blank Me off and running! Then over the next couple of months, we are anticipating the availability of Blank… Read More »Fulfillment happening!

Gamfound Update #1

It’s time for an update! Let’s go over where we’re at, what we’re up to, and what to expect next!This update is the first one we’re sending through Gamefound, our pledge manager. We’ve been receiving… Read More »Gamfound Update #1

Update #8

Status Update! Hey everyone! Happy August! It’s been a while since the last update, so we thought everyone would appreciate knowing what kind of progress we’re making, and also that we’re not spending your money… Read More »Update #8

Update #7

3 Week (ish) Post-Campaign Update! Well, it’s been a little over 3 weeks since the campaign closed and a few important things have happened, so we figured everyone might appreciate an update! 1. We are… Read More »Update #7

Update #6

End of Campaign Update! We officially did it! The team was all together yesterday watching the timer countdown on the Kickstarter campaign page, which played some sparkly fireworks to celebrate with us. But now the… Read More »Update #6

Update #5

WE DID IT! Now on to the stretch goals! We hit our funding goal this morning! We’re so thrilled to be able to move on to the next step with this game, and we have… Read More »Update #5

Update #4

End of Week 2 Update – 83%! We are 83% funded! First and foremost, as we round out the second week of our campaign, we want to offer a huge thank-you to all of you… Read More »Update #4

Update #3

We wanted to send an update since we’re at the close of the first week. With two weeks to go, we’re already over 70% funded, so we’re well on our way to making this game a reality! We’d love to hit some stretch goals to add even more cards to the box, so we hope you’ll share the Kickstarter page on your favourite social media app!

Update #2

Day 3 – A Few Changes It’s day 3 now, and with 40% of the funding behind us, we expect to see a steady climb upward from here.  We’re making some visual changes to our… Read More »Update #2

Update #1

Wow, what a launch day!